Stay Safe Equipment

At Stay Safe Equipment, we  design and manufacture a Multi Purpose Sign Base (MSB) system with diverse application in the highway construction road sign market. Typical application includes the Barrier Mount which can withstand winds up to 155 mph and meets federal standards

Our system accommodates a variety of static and mobile Traffic Road Sign and Warning Sign requirements to meet the need of most highway construction Safety and Warning Sign applications.

The MSB is a virtually maintenance free, lightweight portable highway sign system. It’s compact design gives it a clear advantage over traditional towable sign systems when it comes to yard space required for storage.  the MSB gives rental companies the ability to maximize limited space. Job sites can store multiple MSBs on-site in containers or in vehicles and not be concerned about initial set-up or daily preventive maintenance.

All companies strive for an accident free work environment 365 days a year. Maintaining an accident free work environment results in lower insurance premiums and improved profits through lower operating costs. Providing safety hazard equipment like the MSB takes the majority of near miss incidents and accidents out of the equation when working in high traffic areas and dangerous construction sites.

Our Products:

Easy to maintain

Low maintenance cost contributes to low operating cost of the MSB. Replacement parts are readily available and can be fabricated and shipped out in three business days or less. Downtime is minimized due to the structure, craftsmanship and simplicity of the design. Repairs are not labor intensive thereby minimize the time to complete.

The Best Answer For Night Operations

The MSB is a great solution for nighttime construction safety. Excellent portability, quick setup and an operating height up to seven feet facilitate the need for maximum visibility when crew safety is of primary concern and visibility is limited.